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JINSLU Excellence: Robotic Welding Positioners, Pipe Rotators, and Leading Welding Positioner Manufacturers

JINSLU Excellence: Robotic Welding Positioners, Pipe Rotators, and Leading Welding Positioner Manufacturers

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JINSLU Excellence: Robotic Welding Positioners, Pipe Rotators, and Leading Welding Positioner Manufacturers

"JINSLU Excellence: HD30 Welding Turntable Positioner for Precise Pipe Welding"

Product Details:

  • Load Capacity: 30KG
  • Rotation Speed: 1-15r/min
  • Inclination Angle: 0-90°
  • Table Diameter: 315mm
  • Table Height: 340mm
  • Motor Power: 90W
  • Weight: 28KG
  • Chuck Compatibility: KD-125/200/300
  • Input Voltage: 1PH 220v 50-60HZ

Key Features:

  1. The rotation structure is powered by a top-tier DC motor, allowing for seamless speed regulation.
  2. The worm and gear turning structure ensures self-locking, enabling continuous adjustment of the worktable between 0-90°.
  3. The worktable features a central through hole, facilitating easy clamping and positioning of pipes while enhancing gas protection during internal welding, ultimately improving welding accuracy and quality.
  4. Special anti-electromagnetic design minimizes TIG welding's high-frequency interference, effectively enhancing welding quality.
  5. Equipped with a time controller to manage working conditions and duration, enabling seamless integration with positioner and welder.
  6. Optional welding chuck and adjustable-welding gun support available to secure the welding torch's position.
  7. Tack and air-powered tip options provide self-holding functionality for workpieces.
  8. Upgradable to enhance automation in the welding process based on current positioner models.

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2.The turning structure of worm and gear has the function of self-lock, and the worktable can be tuned steplessly between 0-90°.

3.Table of welding positoner has centre through hole, which is convenient for the pipe to be clamped and positioned,and protect the gas when it go through the intemal pipe,so it will improve the accuracy and quality of welding.

4.Special design ofanti-electromagnetic,which reduces the high frequency interference of TIG's welding. and can improve the welding quality effectively.

5.Time-controller can be furnished to control the working condition and working time, which can achieve the linkaee ofthe positioner and welder.

6.The welding chuck and adjustable-welding gun support can be furnished to fix the position of the welding torch.

7.The tack and air-powered tip can be funished to achieve the funetion of selholding to the workpieces.

8.The upgrading can be achieved on the basis of current positioners, improve automatization of the welding process.

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1.How long do handling, shipping, and delivery take?

Usually, it takes 1-3 working days for us to process the order. If we’ll have to deliver from our China supplier. It will take a longer time. 15-20 working days, or longer.


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UPS, USPS, DHL, Fedex or other express chosen by our warehouse.


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Please contact our support team with details via, they will assist you with the change.


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A shipping confirmation email will be sent to you, you could track with it.


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Please contact our support team with details via,  We will assist you to solve the issue with the express.


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More details for return and refund policy are available via Policy Page.


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