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JINSLU Industrial High-Efficiency Nitrogen Generator SG-Z059 for Laser Welding Certification of CE

JINSLU Industrial High-Efficiency Nitrogen Generator SG-Z059 for Laser Welding Certification of CE

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Industrial High-Efficiency Nitrogen Generator for Laser Welding

Industrial Nitrogen Generator, High-Purity Nitrogen, Laser Welding, Energy Optimization, Long-term Savings, No Additional Equipment, Chinese 3-in-1 Technology

Product Description

The SG-Z059 Nitrogen Generator is specially engineered to meet the demands of industrial-level laser welding. Incorporating the latest 3-in-1 technology, it can extract nitrogen from the air with purity levels of up to 99.99%, vastly surpassing the purity of conventional bottled nitrogen and significantly reducing the cost of gas consumption in industrial production. The machine is easy to operate, automatically producing high-purity nitrogen upon start-up without the need for a cold dryer or air compressor, greatly simplifying workflow and equipment investment.

This nitrogen generator is extremely energy-efficient, requiring only 2 kWh of electricity per hour, offering substantial energy and cost savings compared to bottled nitrogen. It is estimated that the investment cost can be recouped within just three months of operation. Moreover, with a design life of five years and considering maintenance, replacement, and energy consumption, it can save users at least $60,000, markedly enhancing economic benefits. A one-year comprehensive warranty is also provided, ensuring stable operation and absolute peace of mind for the user.

Why choose a nitrogen generator?

Because the cost of producing nitrogen by a nitrogen generator is one-20th of that of bottled nitrogen.

Why choose our factory's nitrogen generator?

Because we are the only manufacturer in China with 3in1 technology. Our nitrogen generator does not require the purchase of additional cold dryers and air compressors. We have mature technology and stable performance.

Everyone who has a laser handheld welder should have it?

It only requires 2 kilowatt hours of electricity per hour. Compared with bottled nitrogen, the cost of the nitrogen generator can be recovered within 3 months of use. 1 year warranty. The machine life is five years. Save you at least $60,000 in five years.

Overall, this nitrogen generator is the ideal choice for those in the laser welding field seeking a high-performance, high-purity, and economical energy-saving solution.


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